Everyday Carry


Something of a misnomer; since I’m lucky enough to work from home for 60% of my week, I don’t always go somewhere that warrants carrying things. But when I do, this is what I take in my bag. This is an attempt to make Spencer Lavery sick.

In kinda left-to-right-ish:

  1. Tote bag
  2. 35mm film
  3. Wallet
  4. Train tickets
  5. Headphones
  6. iPod
  7. Bike lights
  8. 120 film
  9. Passport
  10. Mamiya 7
  11. iPhone
  12. Contax T2
  13. Light meter
  14. Bottle opener
  15. Assorted memory
  16. Cycling gloves
  17. Pens, stylus
  18. Notebook
  19. 11" MacBook Air
  20. iPad mini
  21. Ping pong ball
  22. Buffalo stickers
  23. Business cards
  24. Change
  25. Hard drive
  26. Plastic letters
  27. MBA charger
  28. PlayStation Vita
  29. Combs (hair, beard)
  30. Wax
  31. Beard oil
  32. Hand soap
  33. Painkillers
  34. Lozenges
  35. Cigarette lighter->USB
  36. USB extension
  37. Assorted cables, chargers
  38. Keys

All housed in the wonderful Mission Workshop Rummy VX.

That dog has a puffy tail!

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

I want a fluffy dog like this. It looks really warm.

The waiting game

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

If I were a pigeon, this is exactly how I’d behave.

Tabitha is one








Today is Tabitha’s first birthday. Most years are pretty life-changing, but I don’t think I’ve had one that exceeds this one. What a cracking little kid.

Sad dog


Sudo was forbidden from eating some dropped birthday cake. He was looking all around for someone to tell him he was allowed.