Kid walking down the street swinging Nunchaku. Thanks, Brighton!

Wake up


We don’t normally wake her, but had somewhere to be. She was so dazed and cute – may have to make a habit of it.



The View


Went to look around a house. This was the view out of the back. Didn’t go for the house but could have gone for the view all day.




Next to the rpi for a size comparison

Tessel finally arrived. I say “finally” but I believe it still isn’t ready. Mine’s going back in the box for a couple of months until it’s a bit more stable.

Using JavaScript was not a smart choice for this, in my opinion. NPM is a terrible joke on OS X and it’s one of the main downfalls of the Tessel currently.

With that said, the guys who make this are supporting issues very quickly and effectively. I just have very little interest in fighting this thing to get it to not work. Ten years ago, maybe, but I have better things to do.