Brontide and Rolo Tomassi


Brontide are a spiritual experience. The beauty of the sounds they make is unparalleled in recordings and the flesh. They have this unique ability to trick me into thinking that the world has ended and I’m walking across an endless desert. Their music is playing until my lungs implode, and time collapses on itself. I’m at this show with people I know, but I no longer recognise them. I close my eyes and I am anywhere. I’m over water, I miss everyone, but they’re all long dead and I know peace.

And then they’re gone, and Rolo Tomassi are making a heck of a noise and I’m rocking my head and shoving fools like I don’t have work in the morning, even though I do.



Well, this is pretty exciting. My first tweet to hit 2,000 retweets. I’ve never even come close to that before.

Some buildings

you than me


A couple of London’s buildings, awkwardly photographed from a train.

Things out of place


Really enjoying looking for things slightly out of place at the moment. This sort of thing is what made me first want to start taking pictures. It’s weird to be enjoying it this much again.

Don’t fear The Reaper


Wish I could have got a better angle on this but I was carrying a child and trying to be inconspicuous.